Unrepented Sin and Unforgiveness

Written by Jenny
Healing is Urgent
I had a dream recently where someone hurt my son's feelings.  In this dream, I ran to my little boy, scooped him up without delay and rushed him away to find healing.  I carried him in my arms as I ran to get healing for his hurt feelings as quickly as possible.  It was exactly like I would have done if he had scraped his knee or bumped his head. In my dream, I did not hesitate to seek healing for his heart.  I remembered the dream in the morning and asked God what He wanted to show me through it.  The Lord spoke to my heart about the dream and told me that my picture of rushing to find healing for my son's broken heart was exactly what our Father wants to do for all of us when we have an inner wound or hurting heart.  When we have a physical wound we rush to find a remedy.  Likewise, when we have a heart wound we should run to our Heavenly Father to find healing.  Physical healing might include bandages, stitches, ointments, ice packs and medication.  But what is the cure for a hurting heart? The first step is to take the wound to our Heavenly Father because He is the Great Physician.  Only He can properly stitch up the wound and apply a healing ointment to our souls.  Psalm 147:3 says, “He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”  We can initiate and accept heal from the Lord with the following steps:  Repentance, Forgiveness, Renunciation, and Filling.  You can remember this easily with the letters RFRF.  I'll look at each part of this a little bit more and walk you through exactly how the Lord can heal your inner wounds.
What is Renouncement?
The formal definition would be to give up something or to refuse to follow or obey something.  In a spiritual sense, you are saying to the enemy (out loud) that you don't want this spirit or poison to be in your soul any longer.  When you pray to renounce something like self-hatred you will also have to break any of the legal agreements that you have made with the enemy.  An agreement with self-hatred would be saying to yourself, "I'm worthless" or "No one likes me".  Making those statements gives a place for the evil spirit to take hold.  The renouncement part of a heart healing prayer is very important.  If you have a web of lies in your heart and the associated negative behaviors then you will have to spend a lot of time in the renouncement phase.  Ask God to bring to the surface anything that you need to deal with.  His Holy Spirit will give you the words you need to use.  God longs to see His children set free so all we have to do is surrender to Him and tap into the healing that our Father offers.

What is Filling?
If I am saved aren't I already filled with the Holy Spirit?  Yes, the core of your being, the spirit, is completely filled with the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation.  However, as I talked about in a previous lesson we can make agreements with the enemy or others can make agreements with the enemy on our behalf that would allow wrong thoughts or behaviors to cause us pain.  The agreements open the door for the enemy to come and make trouble in our soul (the part of us that contains the mind, will, and emotions).  In my first lesson, there is a diagram of the three parts of man. Our spirit is at the core of our being, then soul and finally the body.  The enemy can cause great pain in our souls even if we are born again Christians.  So when we renounce the evil spirits and ask that poison to leave our souls we MUST fill that space with God.  If the empty space is left alone then it will be easy for the enemy to come back and move into the same space.  In Matthew 12 there is a parable of an evil spirit who left a man and roamed the desert but since the man left the space empty the evil spirit and seven other evil spirits moved back in.  The enemy does not want you to be free and he will do anything to occupy any empty space in your soul.  Do not make the mistake of leaving your soul open to attack.  Fill every corner and every void with the love of God.  Pray to be filled immediately but also practice the things the Bible talks about daily.  Spend time with the Lord in prayer, Bible study, and meditation; worship God and fellowship with other believers.
 Prayer for Heart Healing
How often do you need to seek heart healing?  Regularly!  When you first pray for heart healing there might be many wounds that God needs to properly clean and stitch up.  When the past wounds are healed you only need to deal with the daily things that come up.  In your daily prayer time you can ask yourself, "did someone hurt my feelings today?" then you forgive the person, "did I do anything wrong today?" then you repent for that.  Forgiveness and repentance are much easier when you do it right away.  Prayers for repentance, forgiveness, renouncement, and filling should be personal to your situation.  However, you can learn from the following example and it might help you think of things that have been thorns in your life.  Remember anything that trips you up or holds you back needs to be dealt with.  It is important to speak these things out loud and say each part of the four-part prayer.  Start by inviting Jesus into your soul and give Him permission to heal the broken places.

Father God, I repent for all bitterness and unforgiveness that I am holding in my heart.  Lord, I repent for not fully believing that you love me and for ingesting the lies that Satan has offered me.  I repent for (say all that apply and add any that aren’t listed) sins with alcohol, drugs, gluttony, sexual sins, angry words, occult practices and violent actions.  I repent for (say all that apply and add any that aren’t listed) legalism, self-righteousness, pride, judgment, fear, and self-pity.   I repent for looking for the pleasures of the world and attempting to use them to satisfy my deepest desires instead of seeking You, Lord.  I’m sorry Father for trying to cope with my pain, ignore my pain or bury my pain instead of coming to you and asking for your healing touch upon my life and my heart.  Father God, please forgive me for my sins and transgressions.  Cleanse me with the blood of Jesus and wash me clean. I bring myself under the authority of Jesus Christ. I sanctify all of my thoughts, words, and actions to my Heavenly Father.   

Father, I do not want to carry the burden of unforgiveness another moment and I lay this burden down at your feet.  I take _______ (name the person who hurt you) off the judgment seat of my heart and release him/her to you Lord for your judgment.  I want to be free of the pain _______ (name the person) has caused me.  Lord, I want your healing touch in my heart.  I welcome your healing, Lord.   I forgive ______ (name of person) for making me feel ________ (name the emotion that you associate with the wound you want to heal).  I ask you, Lord, to heal the wound in my soul.  Jesus, I receive your healing.  Please replace _____ (the negative emotion) with ______ (the emotion or truth that is opposite of the negative one).   Go back and repeat:  I forgive ______ (name of person) for making me feel ________ (name the emotion that you associate with the wound you want to heal).  I ask you, Lord, to heal the wound in my soul.  Jesus, I receive your healing.  Please replace _____ (the negative emotion) with ______ (the emotion or truth that is opposite of the negative one).   Repeat that part of the prayer for each of the negative emotions that you are associating with the person who hurt you.  It’s important to go through the healing and replacing for the emotions individually because each wound needs a healing.
I renounce the ways I have opened doors and allowed the enemy in.  I renounce every way I have given myself over to sin.  I break these sins off.  I renounce any agreements I have made with the enemy such as I'm a failure, God doesn't care about me, I can't break free from this sin, etc (ask God to reveal to you any agreements you have made and renounce them out loud).  I break the bondage of these evil spirits (say all that apply and add any that are not listed) pride, fear, rebellion, depression, anxiety, judgment, unforgiveness, selfishness, anger, control, critical spirit, perfectionism, shame, addiction, lust, and rejection.  I want to walk in the freedom that Christ offers me through the forgiveness of my sins.  
Father, show me the fullness of Your love for me.  I welcome your healing salve on my wounded soul.  Let your Holy Spirit flood my soul and wash every surface and fill every void.  I want to behold in my heart and soul the true image of God my Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Show me my true identity in you Lord.  Open the book of my destiny and help me to walk into the plans that you have for my life.  Take away the veil and help me see the truth.  Fill me and transform me, Lord.   2 Corinthians 3:16-18 says, "But whenever someone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.  For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord.  And the Lord-who is the Spirit makes us more and more like him as we are changed into His glorious image."   
Why Do We Have a Part?
If God can heal our inner self and stitch up our heart wounds then why doesn’t He do it automatically when we are saved?  Our Father does a tremendous work in us at the moment we ask Him to be our Savior and take on the punishment for our sins.  However, as we learned in the previous lesson we have free will and those around us have free will.  We have made agreements with the enemy or others have made agreements with the enemy that affect us.  Those agreements cause pain and the agreements and the power they hold over our lives must be broken.  God wants us to have an active role in our own healing because He desires for us to stand up to the bully in our souls.  Remember as a child when someone bigger and seemingly stronger was picking on you?  Maybe you stood up to the bully or maybe you didn’t.  Just think of how great it would feel to stand up to the bully and show him that you and your Heavenly Father are powerful enough to defeat him?  If you stand up to the bully of your soul with the power of God behind you; you will be victorious.  God offers you freedom from the things that torment your soul if you will accept His power to heal.
Why Do I have to Repent?
With respect to our eternal destiny, our sins are forgiven at the moment we receive Christ as Savior.  Salvation is a guaranteed a place in heaven.   This is called positional forgiveness because it gives us a place of forgiveness.  However, when we sin we grieve the Holy Spirit.  Ephesians 4:30 says, “And do not bring sorrow to God’s Holy Spirit by the way you live.  Remember, he has identified you as his own, guaranteeing that you will be saved on the day of redemption.”  We are guaranteed salvation but also asked to not bring sorrow to God by our sinful actions.  Our sins cause a rift in our relationship with the Lord and this is where relational forgiveness comes in.  When we confess our sins we are restoring our right relationship with the Father.  We should ask God to put the blood of Jesus on our conscious and remove our guilt.  Our agreement with sin gives the enemy legal rights to torment our souls so we need to ask that the legal agreements be canceled.  God, in His infinite wisdom, might still choose to discipline us with correction but we can trust that His ways are always best.  A person can be destined for heaven and also live a life here on earth with a soul full of poison.  True repentance will restore our relationship with the Lord, wash away guilt and allow freedom in our souls.  It is only then that we can carry out the destiny and purpose that God has written for our life.

Why Do I have to Forgive Others?

Forgiveness is not optional for a Christian; it is commanded by the Lord.  Matthew 18:22 says we are to forgive someone who sins against us 490 times (70X7).  Matthew 18:35 goes on to say we will suffer severe consequences for refusing to forgive.  So forgiveness is crucial!  The great news for us is that forgiveness is as beneficial for us as it is to the person who harmed us.  Scientific studies actually show that forgiving others reduces anger and stress. Forgiveness increases positive emotions like hope and confidence.  Probably most importantly forgiveness keeps us out of the pit of bitterness.  It frees our soul from carrying the burden of the offense and it gives the Lord the opportunity to properly deal with the other person.  Forgiveness does not mean forgetting the offense or putting ourselves back in a bad position. Be wise in how you deal with the person who hurt you after you forgive but don't use your need for caution as a reason to not forgive. God actually wants to bless you for your obedience to forgive.  So when you pray for forgiveness you can ask God what gift He wants to give you for releasing the person from judgment.  I have made a worksheet specifically for working through forgiveness that you can download free from the Resources & Worksheets tab.