Healing Deep Wounds

Written by Jenny
Negative Relationships
Relationships are essential in life; we have been created by the Father to enjoy fellowship and to support one another.  1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing”.  When we are in relationships with other people our thoughts, emotions and energy will flow through the relationship.  God intended for this to be a very good thing.  Our love for one another should be a wonderful support system.  However, because of wounds in all of our souls that flow of energy that was meant for encouragement can sometimes turn out to be discouragement.  Have you ever had that friend that starts complaining about their spouse or their boss and all of the sudden you start thinking you are also upset with your spouse or boss?  You leave the conversation with a chip on your shoulder that wasn’t there before.  This is a negative relationship and you need to cut off that negative flow of energy that you are getting through that relationship.  You do not need to end the relationship completely as that would be unbiblical in the case of family relationships.  However, you need to break the ungodly soul tie that allows negative influence over your life.  

Prayer for Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties
I bring the cross of my Lord Jesus Christ between me and ________ (name the person or thing: soul ties can be to pets, mountains, etc). I want to cut off the soul tie with ________ (insert name).  I send all of his/her sin, warfare and corruption bound back to the throne of Christ and I forbid any of it to transfer to me.  I allow only the godly part of this bond to remain and I cut off the ungodly part of this bond. In the name of Jesus, I ask that every part of me that has been attached to him/her return to me, washed clean with the blood of Jesus, right now.  I am now free in the name of Jesus Christ!
Bring it to the Surface
One way God can speak to us is through our dreams.   My husband recently had a dream that I believe was straight from God.   He said to me one morning, "I had a dream last night that my left engine was being pulled out; just like the movie we watched."  The night before his dream we had been watching a movie about an airplane crash.  The pilot in the movie was forced to make a water landing after the plane encountered a large flock of birds that took out both engines.  It was an amazing story of quick thinking on the part of the pilot but after the crash he had to go through an investigation to prove he had done the right thing. There was initial evidence that showed one of the engines was still working after the bird strike and the plane could have returned to the airport safely.  However, the pilot and co-pilot said this was impossible because both engines were not functioning.  At the end of the movie there was a powerful scene where the left engine was pulled out of the bottom of the Hudson River.  After the damaged engine was examined it was clear that it was completely nonfunctional after the bird strike as the pilot had said. The initial evidence had been wrong about the engine and it wasn’t until it was pulled from the river that the truth became obvious.  How many times does this happen in our spiritual lives?  Something seems to be functioning until we pull it to the surface and examine it.  This is exactly what was happening in my husband’s life at the time of his dream.  He had been wrestling with a problem and God was trying to bring to the surface the broken thing that caused my husband’s pain. When he told me about the dream I said I felt God was encouraging him to allow the broken things to come to the surface because they are causing pain and need to be removed from his life.  For weeks after the dream the Lord has popped the picture of the plane engine being removed from the river into my mind and reminded me again of how He wants to do this in all of our lives if we will let Him.  God wants to bring to the surface the broken things and heal our wounds.  Our subconscious mind is very powerful and accounts for most of our cognitive thoughts and activities throughout the day.  Our subconscious mind accounts for 95% of our cognitive activity and the conscious mind only accounts for 5%.  This is why it is essential to pray and ask God to bring things to the surface that are broken and need healing.
One of the best Tools for Healing from Trauma
This is a simple yet powerful tool for bringing healing to a soul after a traumatic event.  Simply pray and ask God to show you where Jesus was during the traumatic event.  Ask the Lord how he was working things out or protecting you during the event.  God will show you a vision in your mind of Jesus and what He was doing, it might be Jesus weeping by your side, Jesus holding your hand and/or trying to speak to the perpetrator of the crime (usually the party at fault will be shown to be deceived in some way during your vision).   The Bible makes it clear that God does not cause bad things to happen.  John 16:33 says, “You will have suffering in this world”.  The verse doesn’t say God causes suffering or that we cause suffering but affliction will happen.  Bad things happen because of sin.  Sin is separation from God and it causes death and destruction.  Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death”.  Many times our sin causes damage in our lives but many other times the sins of another person wreak havoc and we are just caught in the crosshairs of the devastation.  However, the Bible also makes it clear that God is good and He is faithful to protect us, heal our hearts and wash away the traumas that try to mask our true identity as sons and daughters of God.  Don’t be afraid to run to God with your most painful wounds.  Your heavenly Father is not afraid of your emotions, He asks us to run to Him in times of trouble.  Proverbs 18:10 says this, “The name of the Lord is a strong fortress; the godly run to him and are safe”.

Lasting Effects of Trauma
It is clear that trauma can have lasting effects on our emotional health.  Since our emotional health is tied to our physical health trauma can even have physical effects as well.  So healing from traumatic events is critical for overall health.   Lasting effects from trauma can range from something small to full blown Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).  Some events that would fall under the category of traumatic experiences are:  death of a close family member or friend, adultery, abuse of any type, being neglected as a child, severe sickness or injury (your own or a family member), natural disasters, surgery, accidents, war experience, alcoholism (your own or in your family) and witnessing an act of violence.   God always has the power to heal us from any traumatic event.  I recently experienced a deep wound and I felt like I couldn’t even bring it to the Lord.  He gently spoke to me and said Jesus would carry me to the operating table if I would ask Him to.   The Lord also told me that the only way to stop the bleeding and pain of this wound would be for me to forgive of the ones who caused the deep wound (you can refer to my lesson on forgiveness and also download the free worksheet under the Resources and Worksheets tab).  Through my forgiveness Father God stitched up this traumatic wound.  In the following weeks the Lord again spoke to me and said I needed to come to him daily and ask for his healing oil that I could apply to the stitches while they healed.  Father God was specific when He told me that He alone is the healer.  Our friends, family, counselors and pastors can speak truth and help with healing but God alone does the work of healing our wounds.  We just need to be willing to bring our wounds to Father God and receive the healing He offers.  Are you currently experiencing anxiety, rage, feeling disconnected or shut down, feeling depressed or unsafe?  If so, you have unhealed wounds in your life.  God longs to heal you.  Bring Him your hurts and receive restoration.  

Prayer for Healing from Trauma
Usually the first step to healing trauma wounds is to forgive the ones who caused the wound (see previous lesson on forgiveness).  Then you can begin to identify the negative emotions attached to the wound so they can be healed and replaced.  Make a list of the negative emotions and the positive emotions or truths that you want to replace the negative ones with ahead of time.  You should go through this prayer one time for each negative emotion you identify.  It’s important to do the prayer for each emotion because each wound needs healing.  You can’t stitch up a knee and an elbow at the same time and healing emotions is much the same.  When you have your list of emotions say out loud, “Jesus please take this feeling of ______ from me.  I ask you to heal the wound in my soul.  I receive your healing.  Please replace _____ (negative emotion) with ______ (the emotion that is opposite of the negative emotion)”.  Then repeat: “Jesus please take this feeling of ______ from me.  I ask you to heal the wound in my soul.  I receive your healing.  Please replace _____ (negative emotion) with ______ (the emotion that is opposite of the negative emotion)”.  Ask yourself or the person you are ministering to if they still feel a negative emotion associated with the traumatic event.  If there is another negative emotion that comes up identify it and repeat this prayer.

Father, I do not want to carry the burden of unforgiveness another moment and I lay this burden down at your feet.  I take _______ (name the person who hurt you) off the judgment seat of my heart and release him/her to you Lord for your judgment.  I want to be free of the pain _______ (name the person) has caused me.  Lord, I want your healing touch in my heart.  I welcome your healing, Lord.   I forgive ______ (name of person) for ________ and for making me feel ________. I ask you, Lord, to heal the wound in my soul.  Jesus, I receive your healing.  I ask you Jesus what do you have in exchange for me?

God always wants to trade up by taking our pain and exchanging it for something better.  Isaiah 61:3 says, "To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair."  So when you have done the trauma prayer and you ask what Jesus wants to exchange your burdens with be sure to write down what He says to you. Writing down the gift or truth that God gives you and keeping it before you will help you on your journey to freedom and transformation.