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T​ransformation Lessons
Recommended Books
How to Hear God's Voice
Forgiveness Worksheet
Breaking Lies Worksheet
****These worksheets are free to download but please give us credit when the resources are used.  Also, please don't publish these in anything that will be sold for profit.  They are for personal use or church resources only.  Thank you!****
Father, Son and Holy Spirit Worksheet
Why Do Bad Things Happen?
Walls of Self Protection
Healing Deep Wounds & Trauma
Open Door Worksheet
Destroying Toxic Thought
Breaking Soul Ties and Generational Curse Prayers
Breaking Word Curse Prayer
Academic Papers
****These papers are free to download but they should not be copied or reproduced in anyway. They are for personal reading only.  Thank you!****
Divine Commisioning Paper
by Brian Gregg 
Latter Rain Paper
by Brian Gregg 
Rest in the Old Testament by Brian Gregg
Ephesus Paper
by Brian Gregg