Opening Doors to the Enemy

Written by Jenny

Why do we have free will?
God has created us with something that is both blessing and curse. It's called free will and it can get us into a lot of trouble at times. So why did He do this? Wouldn't it have been easier to create us as obedient robots instead? We would never have to make a choice to do the right thing. From our first breath, we could be programmed to always obey God and submit to His will for our lives. So why did the Father chose to create us with free will and therefore give us the opportunity to mess up? The answer is quite simple and yet we often miss it. God wants us to WANT Him. He doesn't desire to be loved by robots. Our Lord wants to be truly loved by His creations who make a free choice to love Him. Do you want your family and friends to love you because they are forced to love you or because they choose to love you? True love can only come from a choice to love. We are here on earth to make a choice to love God or to walk away from Him forever. Our Heavenly Father adores us and will do everything He can to show us how much He cares for us but He will not force us to love Him. God does not violate free will.

Two Worlds Collide
If we are given a choice to love God then there must also be a choice to not love God.  There must be two sides on this battlefield. God has an enemy and this opponent is also seeking souls.  Our Father created us and perfectly loves our innermost being.  Satan, our adversary, despises us and seeks to destroy our souls.  Two worlds are at war for your soul and you have a choice to make.  Did God create evil? Definitely not!  Did God give us a choice? Yes!  God is real and He loves you.  The enemy is real and wants to destroy you.  The two sides are constantly at work and you are continuously making choices.  Your free will does not leave when you become a Christian and make a choice to follow Christ.  Did you know that any belief in God's truth in your thoughts, attitudes, words or actions is a move toward God?  And likewise, a choice to believe the lies of the enemy is an agreement with him and it will move you further from God.  There is no neutral in this battle, you are continuously moving toward the enemy or moving toward God based on your choices. 
Under Contract
You might not be aware but you are under attack on a daily basis.  It's not a pleasant thought and we often try to brush it aside and focus on other things.  However, you should become aware of the schemes of the enemy so that you can have a greater defense against his attacks.  1 Peter 5:8-9 says, "Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil.  He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.  Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith."  The enemy isn't very clever in inventing new ways to tempt us to sin or to gain entrance into our souls.  Therefore, we can assume he will use the same old tactics that have worked for centuries.  Deception, accusation, temptation, trauma, rejection, unforgiveness and generational curses are the basic strategies that the enemy uses to gain access to our souls.  Please begin to pray for wisdom in your life.  Ask God to reveal the pathways that the enemy is using in your heart.  As you become aware of what doors need to be closed ask God for the desire to be rid of the evil influence in your life.  Then ask for the power to overcome the enemy in your mind.  The first step in deliverance is awareness and the second step is to gain a new desire to be set free.  God will not violate free will.  If you are in agreement with the enemy that is a legally binding contract and you must sign that contract as VOID by making a choice for freedom.  You are a slave to the enemy when you are bound by his contracts but you can be set free.

Our earliest experiences with our parents, relatives and other people of influence shape our view of the world and our perception of Heavenly Father.  Often times there are people in our lives that have made agreements with the enemy.  Therefore they don't have thoughts, actions or behaviors that God desires for them to have.  Since God does not violate free will, these people have the ability to sin and make contracts with the enemy. Many times the sinful attitudes and behaviors of other people can wound us.  The ideal prey for a lion is a wounded animal and the ideal prey for evil spirits is a wounded soul.  Begin to pray about things in your life that have caused pain; those are the things that have wounded your soul and need healing. God knows your hurts, He feels your pain and He longs for you to come to him and ask for healing.  This process of cleaning up your soul and living in peace is like the Israelites taking the promise land.  They had to go into the land and conquer the giants little by little until they could claim the land that God had already given to them.
Making Agreements
So how do we make a decision for good or evil?  It's no secret that the enemy whispers suggestions to us. There is a common idea of the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other shoulder communicating with us throughout the day. That's not a totally accurate picture but it gives you an idea of what is going on in the spiritual realm when we are faced with a choice. So if we believe a lie of the enemy or agree with a suggestion from him we are potentially shaking the hand of the enemy and agreeing to let him enter our hearts and minds. You must become aware that sin is an agreement with the enemy. Sometimes what seems like a small agreement goes deeper and the spiritual handshake becomes a legal right for the enemy to harass us. When a sin becomes a habit an evil spirit can open a door to our soul; the evil spirit can fortify the opening to become a stronghold and now the spirit can trouble us from within and have influence over our lives. Not all agreements with the enemy are made by us. There can be generational curses, rejection in childhood or traumas that have opened doors for the enemy to enter in and cause trouble. When we have made agreements or others have made agreements for us we can repent and renounce these agreements and break the power of them in our lives. As believers in Christ, we have accepted His death on the cross as payment for our sins. Therefore, Christ dwells in us in the inner core of our being or spirit. The enemy does not have access to this part of our being but he can access the mind, will, and emotions (the soul) under the proper legal agreements. That is why breaking the legal agreements in the proper way is so important for living in the image of Christ.