Hurting to Harvesting
Teaching Videos

Brian's Sermon About Kingdom Living
At Grace Montrose 7/29​/18

We love to travel and we love to teach people about the love of God. The sermon videos are from our home church in Montrose, CO and our sister church in Delta, CO.  We look forward to other guest speaking opportunities.  If your church is looking for a guest speaker for an upcoming event please click the About Our Ministry page to contact us.

Brian's Sermon About Identity 
At Grace Montrose 1/20/18

Brian's Sermon About the Persistent Widow 
At Grace Delta 11/25/18

Brian's Sermon About Kingdom Living
At Grace Delta 7/22/18

Click here to see Brian's Sermon About Identity through a Facebook Live Link

Worship at Bethel Conference

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Worship at Bridgeway Church

We attended the Healing and Impartation conference with Randy Clark and Bill Johnson at Bethel Church in January of 2018.
We began teaching a class at our church in February 2018.  This is the promotional video that our church made for us.  Sorry for the poor quality of this phone video.  But it was a memory we wanted to keep.
We attended a special service at Bridgeway Church in Denver, CO in March of 2018 to hear Robby Dawkins preach

Worship at Bridgeway Church

Worship at ICLV in Las Vegas

Worship at Power & Love Conference

We attended the Power & Love conference in Anaheim, CA with Todd White in April 2018.
We were on the front range of Colorado during Memorial Day weekend 2018 and were able to visit Bridgeway Church in Denver, CO for a second time.
We attended the Holy Spirit conference at the International Church of Las Vegas in July 2018.  Speakers included Shwan Bolz, Sean Smith, and Samuel Rodriguez.
Click here to see a Youth Service at Grace Church on Vimeo
(Our son Caleb did the closing)
Click here to see the same Youth Service through a Facebook Live Link
(Caleb's part is at the end)