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We are passionate about setting people free from bondage and lies so they can walk in peace and joy.  We have personally seen the beauty of God's loving restoration when a prodigal son returns. We have seen how far God will go as He relentlessly seeks after a lost sheep to restore him to his rightful place.  God is about forgiveness.  Our Heavenly Father doesn't want to punish; He wants to restore what has been lost.

Our ministry is designed to partner with Father God to set captives free.  We want to travel to churches to provide speaking and teaching events as well as individual prayer appointments.  Our classes and prayer appointments rely on the Holy Spirit speaking directly into a person's life to set them free from pain and bondage.  John 8:36 states, "So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed."  Please contact us if you are interested in an individual appointment or a church event.  We will work with your church to customize an event that fits well with your church and what God is doing in your church body.  

If you feel led to give a gift that would be wonderful.  We are starting locally with free prayer appointments and classes but we would love to grow our ministry and to travel more to help more people.  We enjoy blessing people with free prayer appointments and classes so donations to help us keep that going are welcome. You can donate here through PayPal or by sending a check.  Currently, your gift will not be tax deductible but we are working to set up a 501C3 so that gifts in the future can be tax deductible.  We are based in Montrose, Colorado and we look forward to traveling to churches within the Western United States to provide teaching and prayer appointments.

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