How You Can be
Transformed From
Hurting to Harvesting

People who are victorious in their inner battles will be victorious in their lives.

Many people do not walk in the freedom that Christ offers because they are fighting and losing internal battles.  This causes them to cave to external pressures and sin and they do not live out the destinies that God planned for them.

This website and our ministry, Hurting to Harvesting, is dedicated to teaching people to fight inner battles well and to be victorious in them. Healing old wounds and breaking down lies are the keys to winning internal battles.

God has healed and transformed our lives and we are a living testimony of His goodness and grace.  Father God has given us a passion and anointing to help others be healed and transformed.

We are beginning a new series of blogs dedicated to exposing and destroying lies that many people believe.  Once a person's heart and mind have been freed of the lies that hold them in bondage they are able to receive the truth that God wants them to know.  Please join us on this exciting truth vs lies quest by clicking the blog link below.

​​We also love to travel and teach about God's amazing and restoring love.  If your church is looking for guest speakers for an upcoming event please visit the About Our Ministry page or click the Contact Us button on the left to get our contact information.
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Fear, anxiousness, addiction, anger, loneliness, depression, jealousy and hardness of heart are just a few of the things that God wants to free us from if we will take action and seek healing.  Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are the fruits that will flow from our lives when we actively seek healing and daily surrender to Jesus Christ.